Global entreps Awards
Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall

Global Juror
In my professional life I am a foreign policy specialist, working for the EU's diplomatic service. In a personal capacity I am an online campaigner and podcaster. My areas of expertise: the European Union, and international relations; the post-Soviet space; EU-US and EU-Canada relations; the energy, automotive, and aerospace sectors; policy formulation and analysis, strategic communications, international affairs, government relations, diplomacy, European and foreign policy, negotiation. I won top influencer in the Economy and Trade category in ZN Consulting and Euractiv's 2019 #EUinfluencer awards. Journalist/blogger Jon Worth lists my personal twitter account as one of the EU Twitter Top 30. I tweet in a personal capacity as @ottocrat, with over 20,000 followers, and I am one half of the Cakewatch podcast offering a weekly commentary on the Brexit process from a Brussels insider perspective.

Password: d8070e58